Terry & Linda Jamison AKA The Psychic Twins

Linda and Terry Jamison are American identical twins, professionally known as The Psychic Twins. They are best known for predicting in 1999 that terrorist attacks would be made on U.S. federal buildings and the World Trade Center in 2002.

To a lesser degree, they are also known for their unique fashion sense.

The Originals Vs. Reductive Versions

The Jamison Twins as “The Pointed Sisters” at New York Plaza Hotel in 1981 vs the germ in 2010.


The Jamison Twins dressed as “White Swans” for a Gloria Vanderbilt show in New York in 1981. In 2011, the germ looked like she didn’t quite make it over the cuckoo’s nest!


The Jamison Twins’ original art piece “Angel of Shells” in 2001 vs the germ in identical pose and costume in 2011.


The Jamison Twins in their trademark blue hair and black dresses with their rock band “Flying Objects” in 1987 vs the germ in the exact same wig, makeup and outfit.


The Jamison Twins as “Myopia and Fallopia from the Planet Utopia” in 2004 vs the germ on a bad hair day at the Brit Awards in 2010.


The Jamison Twins as “Myopia and Fallopia from the Planet Utopia” in 2004 vs the germ photo bombing The Psychic Twins at the Brit Awards in 2010.


The Jamison Twins posing in a museum in 1976 vs the germ with Christina Aguilera trying to be The Psychic Twins on The Voice finale in 2013.


The Jamison Twins as “Honey and Bee Hive” in 1985 vs the germ missing the point once again in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012.



The Jamison Twins wearing avant-garde leopard costumes in 1983 vs the germ in similar garb in the “Telephone” video with Beyoncé in 2009. How many sofas had to die to make the germ’s outfit?


The Jamison Twins as “Standing Mermaids” in blond wigs (New York, 1982) vs the germ as a fish that got caught in an oil slick in 2011.


The Jamison Twins in Mona Lisa Dresses on book cover for Identical vs the germ (London, 2013). Here she rips off both Leonardo da Vinci and The Psychic Twins.


The Jamison Twins as “The Red Hot Lobsterettes” performing at The White House for the Reagans in 1982 vs the germ in similar red lobster costume, New York, 2011. Something smells fishy, throw that one back!


Terry and Linda, The Jamison Twins as “The Liberty Twins” in mirrored corset costumes at the Lincoln Center Liberty Gala, NY, with Bob Hope and Pavarotti in 1983 vs the germ in mirrored corset costume, 2009. (Trailer trash version.)


Thanks to The Psychic Twins for the images and witty text to go with them.