madonna interview [lady gaga is reductive] the chair by rob san miguel


[ri-duhk-tiv] adjective 1. of or relating to reduction; serving to reduce or abridge: an urgent need for reductive measures. 2. of or relating to change from one form to another: reductive chemical processes. 3. employing an analysis of a complex subject into a simplified, less detailed form; of, pertaining to, or employing reductionism; reductionistic. noun… read more »


Róisín Murphy

Róisín Marie Murphy is an Irish singer-songwriter and record producer, known for her eclectic musical and fashion styles. She has been active musically and has been on the pop culture radar since 1995, turning heads with her unique and innovative costumes. The Original Vs. Reductive Version Clearly, the germ was a fan of her fashion… read more »