When the germ burst onto the pop scene in 2008, she seemed like a breath of fresh air in a music industry that was starting to get stale and stagnant. She embodied so much promise and potential. Everyone was in awe of her. She was cool, she was hip, she was exciting. And then she started doing interviews and shooting the breeze about how awesome she was and how she was the best thing since bidets. Quicker than a ray of light, admiration turned into aversion as the germ started showing her true colors (read: she wasn’t really as original and authentic as we all thought).

If only she had been more down-to-earth and forthcoming with her “inspirations,” it would have been easy to forgive her intellectual thievery as an homage to those from whom she copied and borrowed. But no, she insisted that she’s some kind of genius and that we all should be enthralled because she seems to think that everyone was born after 2008. Enough is enough.

This site aims to document as accurately as possible all of the ideas that we strongly believe the germ (or, more accurately, her team of marketing specialists) blatantly stole from others and passed off to her fans and the gullible general public as her very own.

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